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Welcome Capoeira Espaco Members!
July 13, 2007, 2:58 pm
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I just want to say “hi” to anyone who is reading this or who has come here from Capoeira Espaco. And a big thanks to Ajunto for featuring my blog in his new endeavor. Capoeira Espaco seems like it could be something pretty cool if more and more people sign up for it.

For those of you newcomers, I have a question. What kind of content would you like to see here on The Capoeira Blog? Posts about history, how to play the game, how to do a movement, general advice? I’m trying to get all the ideas I can so that I can make this a great resource for every capoeirista out there on the internet.

It would be great if you could take a bit of time to post a comment or send me an email with your input.

Thanks a lot! I’ll see you around those internet tubes.


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Hey Faisca! THis site is dope, too, nice work! As far as content goes, whatevers clever, man! But for my two cents, maybe some sequences? e.g. Au sem mao, meia lua de compasso, queda de rins, piao dde cabeca… Just some ideas for combos. I would like to see what you suggest…

Comment by Pixador

Sequences is actually a really good idea. I always have ideas for that stuff. Maybe I’ll flex some of my artistic muscles and draw some diagrams to go with the sequences. Thanks!

Comment by faisca

Hiya, I like your blog. I just started capoeira about a year ago in London. I like posts that speak of the philosophy of the game, tips, advice and good clips. Your latest one about the different levels was really interesting.

I sometimes feel like I’m in a place where I’ll never get really good but it’s nice to see different stages that all capoeristas go through.

When posts (not necessarily yours!) get a bit, umm…, complicated I tend to switch off as I’m still a beginner and there’s lots I don’t understand.

Hope that helps

Comment by cj

CJ, we’re all beginners in our capoeira journey at some point, don’t get discouraged and think you won’t get any better. You will.

In capoeira, people tend to hit “plateaus” where they feel like they can’t progress any further. It just takes a little while to get over it and then you jump into a whole new game.

I’m kind of in one of those right now myself.

So don’t worry about it, and don’t worry about complicated posts, I’ll try not to write too many =P

Comment by faisca

Yes, it’s totally the plateau.

Most people seem to experience it at different points. That’d be an interesting area to explore.

Often we don’t see our own progress and our standards become higher. Then you see some beginners come in and think ‘blimey, I have progressed, haven’t I?’

Comment by cj

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