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July 30, 2007, 3:07 pm
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When I first started this blog, I couldn’t really find that many other blogs about capoeira. Since then, I’ve discovered that I’m not alone out here.

Bahia-Capoeira Blog – This is a promising blog with some great content. Be sure to check out their tutorials on how to string the berimbau. They also have a store, always a good thing.

Gringa – The author’s description is perfect: “THIS IS THE STORY OF HOW CAPOEIRA, THE AFRICAN-BRAZILIAN MARTIAL ART/DANCE, BECAME PART OF LIFE FOR A BRITISH WOMAN WHO NOW LIVES IN BRAZIL” A really great personal history of one woman’s capoeira journey.

Jogo Log – This one hasn’t been updated since April, but it has some good stuff. Check out the Learning Portuguese for Capoeira post.

Generic Capoeira LJ – A LiveJournal community for capoeiristas.

‘s Capoeira Blog‘s blog about Capoeira, where he writes about experiences, sequences, and some thoughts about capoeira in general.

Mandingueira – Mandingueira is a blog about women, capoeira, and women in capoeira.

Soul Capoeira – A great resource with a wide range of subjects (tutorials, history, thoughts, etc).

So give these other internet capoeiristas a try. But remember to come back here to The Capoeira Blog every once in a while! =P


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Dont Worry man, I got your back!! The Capoeira Blog Rules, all others ant got nothing on you!! lol, na joking, i hate comparing and competition. But look at this way, you have new places to go to get some new ideas for you blog. Im pretty sure Myspace & Facebook bite off each other all the time. =)

Comment by Compromisso

Hehe, I don’t look at it as competition. I see it as community. I don’t have to be the only capoeira blog on the block. Everyone can offer something different and interesting.

I wouldn’t give people free advertising if I was worried about competition, haha.

Comment by faisca

I really enjoyed the Gringa blog–thanks for sharing otherwise I probably wouldn’t have ever stumbled across it on my own.

You’ve got a good thing going here–sharing ideas, knowledge, resources. :o)


Comment by Tigresa

[…] near Capoeira Connection, stop and take some time to shop at Virtual Capoeira, go straight down Capoeira Blog lane, and then end back here at The Capoeira Blog. As with any trip, feel free to meander and let […]

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Hi, Does anyone know any promotional discount numbers for Virtual Capoeira online store? I would really appreciate if you could give me one as I plan to order a few apparels for my Capoeira class.


Comment by Che

this is cool I recently started a capoeira picture blog

Comment by Dulin N. Ebanks

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