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15 Reasons Why You Are Obsessed With Capoeira
August 7, 2007, 2:49 pm
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There are actually many more of these that I’ve found, but I didn’t want to list 400 of them. I decided to pick the ones I thought were the best (for whatever reason) and give us a good chuckle.

  1. Sometimes you just get this urge to be upside down.
  2. People stare at you on the street for playing the “air berimbau.”
  3. You have memorized the lines to Only the Strong.
  4. You hear Mark Dacascos say the line “This time, I don’t play.” and you start laughing no matter how many thousands of times you’ve heard it. (And this applies to anyone doing the imitation as well!)
  5. Every time you get up from a fall or sitting on the ground, you negativa and right yourself in a role.
  6. Everytime you see a Mazda comercial you feel compelled to complete the line with “…Capoeira mata um!!!”
  7. You constantly check to see if the white pants a random person on the street is wearing are capoeira pants.
  8. Every article of clothing you buy generates the question, “Can I play capoeira in this?”
  9. When trying on new pants, you perform kicks to ensure that there is sufficient crotch room for martelos and armadas.
  10. All your hard drive space is used up because all of the capoeira pics and videos.
  11. You can remove everything you have in all your pockets in one movement.
  12. People wonder why you have a bow and arrow/fishing pole/bong in public places.
  13. Anytime you see an open grassy area you get an insatiable urge to ginga and do floreio.
  14. You walk around bare-foot to “toughen up your feet”
  15. During the one hour of boredom when you can’t do capoeira, you surf the internet for sites like this one!

Man it feels good to be a capoeirista.


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I have to agree with your list especially number 6. I can’t see the Mazda commercial without thinking “Capoeira Mata Um!” ;-).



Comment by James

I like the reasons but I think the craziest of all would be you forget your real name and only listen to your “apelido” and even sign everything with your apelido… haha, think the bank wouldn’t like the idea…

Comment by Maritaca

Haha that’s a good one! When I started college I told everyone to call me Faisca. And now everyone I know from college still calls me Faisca. It’s like my brand.

Comment by Faisca

How about “because sometimes some people just need a Meia Lua to the face”

Comment by Urso

That’s a good one, Urso.

Comment by Faisca

“C’mon wanna play with me? This time I play for keeps..”

Comment by Pixador

Couldn’t agree more!

Also when a few Capoeiristas meet each other outside the class (does not matter where: club, street etc.) and they start to ginga – then you just start imitating the sounds of the berimbau! Ts-ts tam-dammm….. ts-ts tam-dammm….. ts-ts tam-dam-ta-dam-ta-ta-tam-dammm… (don’t forget to do the moves with your hands as if you hold a berimbau!!!!) hahaha!

Comment by Mariposa

I haven’t been to class in ages (exams) and everytime i even go out to the kitchen i do a couple of hand stands. I used to always get up in an Au too, not anymore

Love of the game man, love of the game… 🙂

Comment by Fouda

@Maritaca I know right imagine if i’m at the bank i put Panda they’ll be like who’s this are you playing a joke on me sir X )

Comment by Panda

Hahahaha! We’re new to Capoeira but I recognise some of those obsession tell-tales already 😀

Comment by Capoeira Crazy

[…] saw this on and just had to share! So funny and true (even for a newbie like […]

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Man it feels good. 🙂

Comment by Monitor Cabeludo

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