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What Is Your Favorite Way To Enter The Roda?
August 17, 2007, 3:46 pm
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I won’t be posting much (if at all) this weekend, so I’m going to leave you with a question that we can all discuss.

How do you like to enter the roda from the pe de berimbau?

Do you go with the basic au? Are you sneaky and knock the other guy over while he does au? Would you rather go with a kick or role? What about macaco or mortal? Do you switch it up every time?

Also, do you have any pre-game rituals? Some people like to cross themselves or do other signs. Do you?

Discuss away!


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a walking au, or a giro. nothing too fancy. hasnt failed me yet.

Comment by Relampago

I always like to smile, looking at the other person in the eyes. It’s my way of saying ‘Hey man, let’s have fun, let’s play a jogo bonito’

Comment by Lagartixa

I don’t have a favorite, really depends on who I am playing with and if I do owe him/her any rasteira… haha!

I do cross myself before entering, and have my own breathing ritual. I inhale the energia near the berimbau to the deepest of my stomach and let out all toughts, and other things who could deconcentrate me. When I enter I just concentrate on my game and my oponent in the roda.

Comment by Maritaca

Thanks for leaving your comments!

@Relampago, The walking au is a pretty neat idea, I don’t know if I’ve ever done that into the roda.

@Lagartixa, that’s so true! You always have to smile and be ready to play a fun and beautiful game.

@Maritaca, ah the sneaky rasteria. That never fails to be fun. Great advice on concentrating on the energy of the roda.

As for me, I will usually cross myself as a sign of good luck and good will for both myself and my fellow capoeirista. Sometimes I like to au but lower myself into a headstand or headstand into au, that’s always fun. Also, I have this one handed au/amazonas move that I like to use.

The great thing about capoeira is how each person can have his own style and individual flourishes.

Comment by faisca

I cannot answer this post just in case I play one of you later and feel compelled to be sneaky!! Nah but for real, for me it just depends largely on the game, what I’ve been doing to enter a lot and my opponent. And it usually involves eye contact to “read” my opponents intentions, you know? And always the blessing and energy of the berimbau..

Comment by Pixador

I usually enter the Roda in the first way that comes to mind. I don’t know too many ways, so I’m not trying anything fancy. It also depends on which way I am facing. Some movements, like Macaco, I have trouble doing on my left side. So if that’s the way I have to go in, then I might just Role. 😀

Comment by Robert McAdams

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