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Your First Capoeira Class Do’s and Don’ts
August 17, 2007, 11:45 am
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It’s finally here: your first capoeira class.

You’ve worn out the Only the Strong and Ocean’s 12 DVDs. You’ve done all the research you can on Wikipedia. You’ve learned your Bimbas from your Pastinhas, your regionals from your angolas, and your berimbaus from your pandieros. You’re now ready to take the plunge and join an actual capoeira group.

Congratulations! Your life will never be the same again (that’s a good thing!).

Your first capoeira class will be both exciting and intimidating. Here are a few things you can do (and avoid) to make the most of the experience.


  • Don’t think you’re hot stuff because you can do some breakdancing moves or backflips.
  • Don’t make fun of the guys wearing tight white pants, you’ll regret it (and you’ll be wearing them soon anyway).
  • Don’t question the mestre or instructor and go on and on about how much better your other martial art style is.
  • Don’t stand around oogling the cute girls all class.
  • Don’t talk or goof off when the mestre or instructor is explaining something.
  • Don’t talk or goof off in the roda.
  • Don’t buy the game from a high ranking capoeirista, unless the mestre or instructor specifically tells you to.
  • Don’t use the roda to show off your bad ass skills and think you’re better than everyone (see the first don’t).
  • Don’t expect to learn bad ass skills (backflips, fancy kicks) at your first class.
  • Don’t stand around like a lost puppy in your first roda. You learned a kick or dodge, try them out. For God’s sake, at least ginga!


  • Do give 100%.
  • Do have respect for what the mestre or instructor is teaching you.
  • Do keep an open mind about learning new movements and techniques.
  • Do understand that nobody is going to laugh at you if you can’t do a cartwheel or high kick the first time.
  • Do try to be friendly and polite to everyone in class.
  • Do try to make the most of your first game.
  • Do realize that it takes time to get good at capoeira.
  • Do watch other students and try to learn from what they do well.
  • Do participate in the roda. Even if you don’t know the words, you can still clap.
  • Do find out when the next class is so you can come back for more!

Good luck with your first capoeira class! Just be warned, once you start, you’ll never want to stop.

This is part of of my guide beginner’s guide to capoeira. If you like what you read here, head over to Capoeira For Beginners for the entire series!


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[…] out if it pays off in the next installment! 🙂 One final thing, I’ve memorized this list of first class do’s and don’ts on The Capoeira Blog, just in […]

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[…] out if it pays off in the next installment! 🙂 One final thing, I’ve memorized this list of first class do’s and don’ts on The Capoeira Blog, just in […]

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I think I was the perfect student when I first entered (as I still am) am I not?

Comment by WorldWarCheese

Do not quit just because of the pain after the first couple of classes, it gets better!

Comment by Trevor

We play Regional in my Academy and our style in the whole academy is mostly chinese (our master’s background is chinese martial arts) so he presses on respect all the time

We had a dude that played Abada attend a couple of classes with us and he was VERY disrespectful; he ignored all of our instructions (our salute, the different jinga…etc) and most of all he was very aggressive in the Roda until our coach went in and showed him why he shouldn’t play like that lol

Respect your opponent by giving him the best game you’ve got. Teach & Learn at the same time

Comment by Fouda

Great and actual facts… thanks! we all are beginners at some point in everything in our lives; just keep up the stamina and our mind set to fulfill our goal… the rest will come!

Comment by Carlos

Jeepers! I’m surprised to read all those DON’Ts! Do people actually do that stuff? Where is the respect?

I come from a background of Karate (for 1 or 2 years when I was 12-13) and then Tai Chi (as an adult, for 1 or 2 years) and I believe in respect for your teacher, respect for your higher-ranked students and respect for the form you are learning. It makes me irritated to read about (or see) cocky people who have no respect.

When you’re learning a martial art, even though you may be paying for classes, your are privileged to have the Mestre/Sifu/Sensei sharing what he knows with you and mentoring you into being a better person, fighter and contributing person in society. Show it!

Hehe – sorry had to rant! It’s a pet peeve.

Comment by Capoeira Crazy

Yeah this kind of stuff happens a lot. We had this kid at our class who came in SOLELY to learn how to do backflips. Our instructor, Negao, would teach him how to Ginga and he’d reply “Oh, ok…will THIS help me backflip”?

Comment by Rob

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