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Capoeira Video: Inspiration
August 22, 2007, 12:35 pm
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I try not to make video posts back to back without anything else in between, but I felt that I needed to share these videos with you.

There are times in all of our capoeira lives when we feel like we can’t go on: the blisters on our feet hurt too much, our body is sore, some move is too hard, and maybe we think about calling it quits.

If you ever get that feeling, I urge you to watch these videos.

There are more videos after the break.

Thanks go to Teimosia from the forums for these links.


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Thanks for that, truly inspiational stuff

Comment by Highlander

I uploaded the first video of Mestre Girafa.
He is my mestre and truly is a great man if you want to see more of his video check out my videos page on youtube and you will see a lot more videos of my mestre

Comment by Cobra Velha

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