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Capoeira on Human Weapon
August 31, 2007, 10:35 am
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If you haven’t heard of or watched Human Weapon, here’s a description,

HUMAN WEAPON follows Jason Chambers, America’s own fighting Welterweight Champion & Bill Duff, former Pro Football Player & Wrestler, as they train with international hand-to-hand combat masters and learn the history behind the world’s most fascinating forms of combat…

Their thrill-seeking quest takes hosts Jason and Bill to some extreme and exotic places. Each episode of HUMAN WEAPON charts an expedition through foreign continents, famous cities, exotic villages, back alleys and lush landscapes in their quest for a different type of combat. After learning about the history and culture, and training in it themselves, they will see if they have learned enough to take on one of the professional fighting masters in the discipline – and survive.

Yeah. That’s what it is. Pretty cool concept for a show, though I haven’t seen it yet so I actually don’t know how good it really is.

Why should you care? Because on September 14th the show is going to feature our beloved capoeira. I’m definitely going to tune in, and I have my fingers crossed that they give a good representation. Apparently there is usually a fight at the end of each episode, to show how much they have learned, and I wonder if they’re going to play a game. I hope so.

Human Weapon is on Fridays at 10pm/9c on the History Channel.


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i saw when they where taking on the judoka and actually thinking they may actualy be able to fuck with him after hes been in the game 20 years. but i think its dope that theyre doing capoeira.

Comment by Relampago

This should be very interesting, mainly due to the fact that it’s a mainly a non-contact sport, and they both are pretty physical fighters.

Comment by Phil

Well, it’s a popular misconception that capoeira is mainly a non-contact sport… There is plenty of contact if the game calls for it.

When it looks like people are deliberately missing eachother with kicks, it’s because the other player is good at dodging them. Not to mention all of the takedowns, throws, and grappling that some capoeira schools emphasize.

But yes, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Because at its heart, capoeira is a game. These guys won’t be able to just go in and try to spar and beat the crap out of eachother, because that’s not the essence of capoeira.

Comment by faisca

What’s the source of this story? As exiting as it would be for human weapon to feature capoeira, I haven’t been able to find any official notices on their website.

Comment by Ruben

Ruben, I came across the info on the forums. You’re right that the main website doesn’t have capoeira listed as a martial art, but I was thinking that maybe they haven’t unveiled everything yet. I’ll still be tuning in on the 14th just incase.

Comment by faisca

I have the Human Weapon set up on my TV to record all episodes and they did not feature Capoeira that I can see. What’s the deal. Considering that this show is on the History Channel they are missing a true piece of History by not featuring this unique and complex art. I am still waiting to see it featured and will not be satisfied until it happens!

Comment by Mike

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