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Mestre Virgulino on the Berimbau
October 2, 2007, 8:56 am
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I went to my first batizado away from home over the weekend. Weird, I know, for someone who has been doing capoeira for a while to only now travel to a batizado, but I’ve just never been able to before because of time and other commitments.

This weekend I traveled to CapuraGinga Pennsylvania’s 5th batizado, held by Graduado Coqui, and it was a great time.

I got a lot of great footage that I plan to cut into a video and upload onto YouTube, but it’s not finished yet. I did, however, upload a quick video of Mestre Virgulino working his magic on the berimbau. Mestre Virgulino hails from Cordao de Ouro in Alburquerque, NM. He’s a great guy and an amazing capoeirista, and it was a pleasure to meet him in person.

Later this week I’ll try to write up a detailed account of my visit. I have to say, if you haven’t traveled to a batizado or other capoeira event, you really should. You will have lots of fun and meet some great people. Oh yeah, and you’ll probably learn a new thing or two about capoeira that you can take home and practice on your own!


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Amazing berimbao technics from mestre Suassuna:

Comment by kitishe

That’s sick. Very cool

Comment by Pipoca

[…] Berimbaus are pretty long and end up being top-heavy, so you need to learn how to balance the berimbau and train your wrist to keep it straight. If you don’t balance the berimbau well, it will tip and sway all over the place, and make it a lot harder to play anything. Practice tilting the berimbau up and down and side to side with your wrist, without playing, so that you can get used to the way it feels. When you get really good, you can use this practice to show off. […]

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I had the luck to meet Mestre Virgulino here in Mexico 2 years ago in a batizado, as you say, he’s a great guy and an amazing capoerista. Even with his injuried knee he can do some great moves!

Comment by Lokuzt

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