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Mestre Leopoldina Dies at Age 74
October 18, 2007, 11:51 am
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Capoeira lost one of it’s greatest and most beloved mestres yesterday; Mestre Leopoldina passed away at 74 years young.

Mestre Leopoldina grew up on the tough streets of Rio de Janeiro, selling sweets at train stations (he said that his nickname came from a certain locomotive he fancied and imitated) and living a hard life.

Capoeira first entered his life at 19, when he witnessed a local malandro practicing capoeira. Leopoldina was eventually able to convince this capoeirista (a dangerous scoundrel called Quinzinho) to accept him into his group.

Quinzinho was eventually murdered, and Leopoldina went on to create his own capoeira group and become one of the most beloved and well respected mestres in the capoeira world. The great capoeira mestre and historian, Nestor Capoeira, was trained and initiated by Leopoldina.

You can read more about Leopoldina’s life and passing at Planet Capoeira.

RIP Mestre Leopoldina. He will surely be missed by all capoeiristas.


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