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2 Great Resources For Capoeira Moves
November 8, 2007, 2:08 pm
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When I first started to learn capoeira there were two websites that were invaluable to me in terms of learning how to do movements, learning the names of movements, and giving me ideas of different movements to put into combinations.

I want to share them both with you today. I’m sure many of you have already seen them, but there are probably many who haven’t.

Capoeira Corner and Chimp’s Capoeira Moves!

Please, do not use either of these websites as your only source for learning capoeira. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have an experienced capoeirista as a teacher.

The best way to use these resources is as a way to learn the names of the different movements.

Remember, every school has different names for some moves, but in general the names you’ll find at Capoeira Basics and Chimp’s Capoeira Moves! are widely accepted by many capoeira groups.

Neither site has been updated in a long time (well, Capoeira Basics is apparently in a partnership with Virtual Capoeira, so that means there is at least someone who still has access to the site, but Chimp’s Capoeira is long dead), but their content is still available and still worthwhile.

Again, you should really only use these sites to learn the names of moves, and if you’re not a total beginner you could also use them to get ideas about some more advanced moves you want to learn (ask your instructor how to do them correctly!)


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What ever happened to the “Chimp”. That guy was awesome. He put alot of work into that site to help out so many of us. Respect…

Comment by Futa

There is also It’s in italian but is a good resource with categorized videos and songs.

Comment by Luca


Comment by Gundwana

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