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Capoeira: A Poem by Faisca
November 26, 2007, 11:17 am
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My mom was cleaning out a closet over the weekend and she found my “senior project” from high school. I’d been looking for this project for a while, and I’m so glad she found it.

We had to do the senior project in my English class; it’s basically a binder that reflects on our high school lives. It’s great to read what I wrote 5 years ago (even though some of it makes me cringe).

Apparently I wrote a poem about capoeira. It’s no Shakespeare, but I’d like to share it with you.

Gravity defying flips and tricks,
White pants and “cords.”
This game is played by
Martial artists in accord.
The master and his students
Kicking and spinning.
Roots in slavery,
An art form ever changing.
So much Brazilian culture
Spread around the Earth.
In the hearts of many,
Ever since its birth.
My nickname “Faisca,”
“Paranue, paranue, parana.”

This makes Capoeira.

I wrote this 5 years ago, in the early stages of my capoeira journey. I don’t think it’ll be winning any creative writing contests, but it’s fun to “go back” and see how much of an impact capoeira had on my life back then.

Has capoeira inspired any of your creative endeavors? Writing, art, etc? If it has, please share it with us!


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Faisca, this poem is very nice!!!

Well, what I’ve noticed is that Capoeira is engaging your entire body, your mind, all your senses and triggers creativity! Poems, songs writing comes so natural… And I love all that in Capoeira!

Muito axe!!!

Comment by Mariposa

Lucky! You discovered capoeira so early! I met an Angoliera who did some silkscreens of a roda and just had to buy one. I’m still looking to see how it will affect my creativity…but it’s affected everything else already!

Comment by Jasmim

nice one, faisca 🙂 i always had thought about writing a poem about capoeira, but i thought german language isn’t quite fitting. maybe i will change my mind one day or learn portuguese 😀 singing capoeira songs is a thing i enjoy very much and i wouldn’t waste that much time searching for translations any longer, haha

Comment by Aranha

My 17 year old self says thanks for the compliments about the poem!

Comment by faisca

Hahah, that’s great Faisca. It’s funny because I wrote a poem too (sometime last year), although it was more from class boredom than class project…and likewise, would not be sharing this with anyone otherwise!

[It’s an acronym poem and supposed to represent the elements of an actual game…]

Passo pas atrais-passo-martelo-esquivaqueixadaesquivarmad
“Ouvi fazer, chuê chua”
E floreio e floreio e floreio
Isso! Certo! Oi!

Comment by joaninha06

Wow we have some creative people around here, good stuff Joaninha.

Comment by faisca

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