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The Capoeira Blog Interviews Compromisso, Founder of Capoeira Espaco
December 12, 2007, 3:27 pm
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Compromisso on the beach.

I know that many of my readers have come here through Capoeira Espaco (if you aren’t one of them, I urge you to go check it out and sign up!). Capoeira Espaco is described as “MySpace or Facebook for capoeiristas” and it’s really a brilliant idea and great way to meet new people and stay in touch with others in the capoeira world.

Sure you can have capoeira friends or search for people who do capoeira on MySpace, but why not join a community solely dedicated to capoeiristas? That’s why Capoeira Espaco is such a great idea.

Luckily Compromisso (the brains behind Capoeira Espaco) is quite a nice guy, and he was willing to answer some of my questions. You can find the answer to all of our burning questions after the break.

The Capoeira Blog: How long have you been playing capoeira/how did you get started?

Compromisso: September of 2003, in my freshman year of college. I’m hanging out in the student center someone hands me a flyer about capoeira. I bumped into that same person in the halls a week later, he talked about starting a potential capoeira club in the school. I was his first student. His name was Pungade (lazy horse).

The capoeira club never worked out, but I eventually started training capoeira with Pungade’s group, Nacao Capoeira. I trained there between 2003-2006 on a very inconsistent schedule. Finally in November of 2006 I began training with a new group Grupo Liberadade de Capoeira with my heart set on fully dedicating most of my free time to capoeira from that point forward.

I currently Train with Grupo FICA (International Capoeira Angola Foundation) in NYC. Even though I started 4 years ago, because of my lack of commitment to capoeira for the first two to three years I’d like to say that overall I’ve trained capoeira for about 2 years.

Regional, Angola, or both?

I believe Nacao Capoeira was a strictly Regional School. I could be wrong, but I never trained or heard the words Capoeira Angola for the 2-3 years I spent there. I probably was never introduced to it because of my lack of attendance in class.

Grupo Liberdade was a Contemporary Capoeira School. I felt my training there was mostly geared towards a regional style, but Capoeira Angola traditions were definitely taught and incorporated. Thanks to this group, and most importantly to Professor Gaivota & Instrutor Macaco I was able to grow and follow my heart to Capoeira Angola with Grupo FICA (ICAF)

Tell us a little about your group.

I am fairly new to the group so there is so much for me to learn regarding the group’s traditions and philosophy. If you’d like to get a better idea of what my group is all about please visit

How did you get your nickname?

My nickname is Compromisso, it means “dedication” or “commitment.”

When I began training with Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira, I trained in a newly opened branch of the group about 15 minutes away from home. I think it’s safe to say that I was once one of Professor Gaivota’s most dedicated and supportive students at the time. So one day he handed me a piece of paper with the word Compromisso written on it along with a Portuguese dictionary to define thevword. From that day forward I was known as Compromisso. (Obrigado, Gaivota)

What is your favorite thing about capoeira?

I love the community aspect of capoeira the most. I enjoy Learning new things about myself and about life through the people of the capoeira community.
I have to give a special thank you to Doutora for being the key that opened the door to my growth in capoeira.

What do you like least about capoeira?

Simply the politics.

What has capoeira taught you (other than movements)?

Capoeira has taught me how to live and how to appreciate all aspects of life.

Why did you start Capoeira Espaco?

Capoeira Espaco was created because I fell so much in love with the capoeira community in my area that I wanted a way to network and communicate with other communities in other states, and around the world.

Have you learned anything from your experiences with Capoeira Espaco?

I’ve learned that Internet social networking is one of the best ways to meet new capoeiristas and share information. I wasn’t exactly sure that this was going to work when I was putting it together, just an idea I ran with. So far so good.

What does the future hold for Capoeira Espaco?

The future of Capoeira Espaco is in every members hands. Just like capoeira, you will get what you give. If we continue to grow steadily through word of mouth and occasional promotions, Capoeira Espaco could evolve into something great. (Editor’s Note: It’s great already, it can only get better!) What? im not really sure, because evolution doesn’t come with a blueprint.

Anything else you’d like to say?

I’d like to say Thank you to my Capoeira Family at Rutgers Capoeira, Montclair (abccnj), Capoeira Guerreiros, Capoeira Angola Quintal, & FICA NY(ICAF) for being a part of my life and a great capoeira year now since November 2006.

I also want to Thank you Faisca for the interview and your awesome work here at The Capoeira Blog. (Why thanks, Compromisso!)

I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Behind the Capoeirista” (haha). If you did, let me know. If you didn’t, don’t be too harsh! I’d like to know if this is something you’d like to see more of in the future because I might try to get interviews with more people in the capoeira world (mestres, pioneers, normal capoeirstas, etc.). If you have any ideas for people I could interview, leave them in the comments.


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I ❤ Compromisso, but my opinion is biased. I’ve never been to this blog site before, but now I will frequent it. Thanks for the interview Faisca, and I hope you do more of these “Behind the Capoeirista” blogs. Perhaps even getting a mestre eventually.

Comment by Pocahontas

I think it’s a great idea, Faisca, and good job to both of you on the interview. =) There’s a woman I’ve met whom I wanted to interview as soon as I created Mandingueira (she actually wrote and published a book on capoeira!), but I want to hold off till I can ensure she’ll have a decent-sized audience! And I definitely wish I could’ve interviewed the mestras and mestrandas I wrote about.
You know what would be really cool, if it were possible, is to assemble several interviewees, and hold a panel debate on something! Regional vs. Angola, history of capoeira, future of capoeira…just think of all the possibilities 🙂

Comment by Joaninha

Great! I think it would be a great add to the Blog. Also such Interviews are with the time alot worth. Who knows maybe today you interviewing a corda crua, and tomorrow the corda crua is some popular mestre. If it is not to much work for you, then yeah do it. Add more interview’s. Better film them fill after 1 year a dvd and sell it on the store!

Abraço mano, Axé

Comment by Maritaca

ewww forgot and yeah take pictures a great add in the interview and if doing a dvd later a menu with personal pics for each guy. I would not mind spend money having a dvd with the guys from the espaço or just other young capoeiristas speaking about them and capo.


Comment by Maritaca

Oi Faisca!

Nice interview!!! And yes, I cannot agree more with Maritaca (hiiii Maritaca!!!) (well, this is what you do when you meet people from Capoeira Espaco… 🙂 :)) – so, yes – please have more pictures of the interviewed people!!! And maybe film the interview, let them show their favourite moves, sing favourite songs, tell a favourite story / blooper (I am in capoeira only 6 months and I already have had 2 hilarious bloopers)etc.

Interviewing mestres from all around the world – it could be even teleconferencing / Internet something (I know you’ll find a way to connect). I met a few mestres during batizados in Toronto, but besides workshops and rodas I did not manage to communicate with them. And I am sure there is so much they have to share with the “youngsters” in Capoeira (e.g. Capoeira tradition, values, evolution etc. etc.)

Axe e abraco.

Comment by Mariposa

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Wow you guys have some great ideas. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to implement all of them, especially the videos, pictures, DVDs, etc. I interviewed Compromisso by sending him a list of questions by email, I didn’t actually sit down with him and ask him the questions. That’s probably how other interviews would work (either that or IM) so it might make it a bit hard to video.

I will do my best to make my readers happy though!

Comment by faisca

nice work, man

Comment by Rodgertf

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