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Don’t Do Capoeira In The House!
January 3, 2008, 12:13 pm
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I was just checking out Capoeira Connection (they have a new and improved look to the site, I really like it, and there is some great information there if you haven’t checked it out before) and I came across an article called Best Capoeira on YouTube.

I honestly thought it would be the best capoeira, but after you watch a few of the clips you’ll notice that it’s truly the worst capoeira they could find.

How surprised was I, then, to find that I was among these “best of the worst” clips!?

That’s right folks, here in all of my awkward capoeira beginner hilarious glory, is yours truly.

And yes, that is a berimbau that I managed to knock off the wall so it could hit me in the face.  Notice the surprised look and expletive before I started to laugh my butt off at the end.

Am I embarrassed by the video?  Not really, because I decided to post it on YouTube.  I did it in part because I wanted it to take off and be one of those funny internet memes, but I knew it would never really get that big.

And I also posted it because I’m not afraid to show people how goofy I was when I first started capoeira (this is from like.. 2000 or so).

But let it be a lesson to you all, don’t try to do aus on your elbows in a small room in your house.


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classic man lol

i have had some moments like that too.. not even at home but at a open training space.. yes… i am retarded lol

it’s great that you have videos like that to look at.. shows how much you’ve improved over time (in mind, body and spirit) hahaha

well i sure hope you have lol

Comment by Pirulito (D-cal)

Nice, you’re back! (Just in time too, I’m nearly finally done the guest post :))

I don’t have videos, but I wrote things down a lot when I started and I think it’s just as nostalgic/amusing seeing how I used to describe everything before I knew the names (although looking at my spelling was a little painful!). “Grapevine kick”, anyone?

Comment by Joaninha

Truly glorious Faisca.

I think we have all been there at some point (at least I hope we are not the only ones 🙂 ) Finding a place to practice has always been a struggle for me (I don’t want to keep patching holes in the walls). I am trying to convert my garage into my own Capoeira Space, but I haven’t been able to get rid of the rest of the junk in there and at the moment it is freezing (Chicago weather).

By the way, this is for Joaninha, I am dying to know, what you described as the “Grapevine Kick” turned out to be when you had actually learned the names.

Comment by Mike

Okay, I just checked out the best of the worst and it is painful. Thanks for the laugh!

Comment by Mike

I don’t think you can call yourself a true capoeirista until you break something in your house from your own stupidity. lol I’ve almost killed my computer, my TV, and my couch because I said to myself, “There’s enough room in here…I think.” lmao

Comment by Pipoca

Haha, it was quexada. Because in the wind-up right before you’re about to kick, the position your legs are in reminded me of the grapevine step in dancing.

Comment by Joaninha

I’m glad you guys enjoyed the clip, it makes me laugh every time. The best part about it is that I’m doing a capoeira move and I end up knocking over something else capoeira related. It just all goes together.

BTW, grapevine kick is great. I can’t really remember any goofy names I used to use, because I was able to catch on to the names quickly (lucky me).

Comment by faisca

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I saw some nice Cap ads like this one


well, you will get more links with these videos 🙂

Comment by Mariposa

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