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January 7, 2008, 12:38 pm
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The Bahia-Capoeira Blog just made a post about capoeira commercials that I think you’ll all enjoy.

Some of these are better than others (and I don’t think that one guy is actually under water, but the effects are nice) but they’re all pretty cool. I know there are more commercials than this out there (and Bahia-Capoeira Blog calls this Part 1), just like the Nike ad I posted about a while ago.

I like the LoveCapoeira one the best, those color changing effects are cool. The one with the water bottle contest is up there as well.

What’s your favorite commercial?


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AWESOME! Those were great!

Comment by Pipoca

Water bottle contest! Or the remote control one…I think spontaneous jogos should become the new rock-paper-scissors. 😛 The ones that just show capoeira and then the product at the end aren’t as original. LoveCapoeira was cool too…definite emotional appeal. XD Haha, speaking of the guy underwater, you have to see this thing Sangue Bom mentioned on my blog (two words: hydro. capoeira.):

Comment by Joaninha

I’ve done capoeira in a pool, it’s fun. Not so sure how an entire program would work though. My brother is doing physical therapy by running on a treadmill in the water. It gives you a lot of resistance and it’s low impact which is good for that sort of injury treatment therapy.

Comment by faisca

Here´s a nokia commercial seen here in europe years ago. Axé

Comment by Jesús Mª Prieto

I love those!! Especially the street fight over the water bottle!

Comment by Jasmim

I once asked my teacher if jumping backwards into a pool would help me to get macaco. XD I like the idea of training with the resistance, if it helps you move better on land.

Comment by Joaninha

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