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Hellboy 2 To Feature Capoeira
January 18, 2008, 11:59 am
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I’m not sure how many of you are comic book movie fans, but if you were planning on seeing Hellboy 2: The Golden Army when it comes out later this year, you’ll be in for a treat.

Doug Jones, who plays Abe Sapien (that’s him in the picture above), said in an interview that his character will use a martial art style that is based on capoeira.

No sword, but you’ll also see him with no weapon in his hands doing a certain fighting style that Guillermo called ‘the way of the water’ and would be most reminiscent of Capeoira, that Brazilian dancing fighting style that everyone seems at least somewhat familiar with. They found an internationally ranked Capeoira fighter and instructor to double me for those scenes. I’m not one of those actors that insists that I do all of my own stunts, because I don’t want you to have an illusion that’s not true. This fellow did things I would never be able to do.

The first time I saw the trailer I noticed Abe Sapien’s capoeira movements right away (actually there’s only one in the trailer, but it’s clearly capoeira) and I got pretty excited. I don’t know about you guys, but I love to see capoeira pop up in unexpected places. It makes me all giddy, like, “Hey! That’s my stuff right there! I do that!” I wonder if other martial artists feel the same way about their styles…

Here’s the trailer in case you have no idea what or who Hellboy is. Oh, and be sure to pay attention around 1:54.

I was planning on seeing Hellboy 2 anyway, so this just makes it even cooler.


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Comment by compromisso

AWESOME! I’m sure while I’m watching it I’ll yell out AXE! as soon as he starts doing capo moves lol

Comment by Pipoca

hehe…meanwhile i suggest you to watch “catwoman” :)she is doing capoeira, too. i like this movie, but have to admit, without capoeira-scenes it would be total crap 😀

Comment by Aranha

Thanks for the tip on when to pay attention. Very quick, but definately Capoeira.

I am like you Faisca; I always get phsyched when I catch them using Capoeira in movies. The first martial arts I studied (a long time ago) was Tae Kwon Do, and I can honestly say that I did not get as excited. It may be because other martial arts are common place in movies.

The Capoeira in Catwoman was awesome, it’s other saving grace is that Halle Berry is easy on the eyes. Otherwise the movie is crap.

There is also a very cool scene in Ocean’s Twelve where a jewel thief does Capoeira to avoid tripping laser alarms. Also very cool. Truthfully I had not planned on seeing that movie because it seemed like a lot of self indulgent BS from the actors, but had to check out the Capoeira when my sister let me know about the scene.

I am still waiting for the first true Capoeirista Action Star. I have Only the Strong on DVD, but still a very cheesy movie, and Mark Dacascos does not count as he is not a true Capoeirista. Lateef Crowder’s scene in Tony Jaa’s The Protector was awesome, but I need a HERO! He was a villain and Tony Jaa of course had to win the fight because it was his movie. No, we need a kick ass Capoeirista Action Star, who is a decent actor and will keep the integrity of Capoeira intact. I know it is a large order to fill, but the Movie Fan/Capoeirista inside me demands it. Besides, if the likes of Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Tony Jaa can do what they do and still keep the integrity of Wu Shu (Kung Fu) and Muay Thai intact it can be done.

I am still waiting. 🙂

Comment by Mike

P.S. I say actor, but it could be a man or a woman. I don’t care.

Comment by Mike

The Ocean’s 12 capoeira was really cool.

Having a capoeira action star would be awesome. Maybe Lateef Crowder will end up starring in his own capoeira-related movie. That would be sweet. He’s a dead ringer for Eddy Gordo, too, so maybe we’ll see him in a Tekken movie.

Maybe I’ll have to put together a list of movies with capoeira in them (much like my video game capoeiristas list) but I have a feeling that would get a bit unweildy (What constitutes “capoeira in a movie”, is it a true capoeirista, random movements that look like they could be capoeira, capoeira moves with the ginga?)

Comment by faisca

Lateef Crowder has been in some other movies, DAMN 3 and Title Pending 2 are examples (

check them out, they’re good. You can look them up on youtube (both are split into 5 videos)

Comment by Tocador

I’d say 1:54 looks more like it than the flip at 1:50…
Loved the first one – don’t even need the capo to get me in line for this one!

Comment by Leopardo

I didn’t even realize there was a flip at 1:50, haha. When I said “pay attention around 1:50” I meant for people to start paying close attention so they’d get ready for the movement at 1:54 which, I agree, looks much more like capoeira than the flip (and there’s another kick earlier in the trailer that kinda looks like a martelo rodado but I”m sure it’s just a generic spin kicky deal).

Comment by faisca

UPDATE: I changed the time in the post just to be clear.

Comment by faisca

hmm I don’t think other martial artists feel that way because theirs are slightly more popular (muay thai, kickboxing)… Well it depends.

But heck, I know what you mean when you feel excited seeing a capoeira scene pop out unexpectedly from some movie. Watching The Incredible Hulk, I was so surprised and happy that they featured Brazil and capoeira (although it was just about 2 sec of capoeira, but hey!)

Comment by gallimaufries

And I agree with Mike. We need our very own Capoeira Movie. A proper kickass one!

Comment by gallimaufries

@ gallim – Hey, where was capoeira in Hulk? The whole first part was in Brazil, and I was hoping they’d show some capoeira, but I didn’t see any. They had him training with a Brazilian jujitsu teacher (should have been capoeira there!).

Also, I saw Hellboy 2 over the weekend and yeah, there was capoeira in it, but not as much as I expected. Not much more than what you see in the trailer.

Comment by faisca

Well they didn’t exactly show the moves (if any) but just the teacher teaching breathing methods to control his anger.

Wasn’t it a capoeira teacher instead of jujitsu? He was wearing a white abada, and I remember them doing an esquiva practise (which lasted 1 sec).

I will look out for capoeira in Hellboy! Thanks! =D

Comment by gallimaufries

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