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Make Your Own Berimbau Arames (And other berimbau related things)
January 29, 2008, 11:16 am
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If you’ve ever wondered where the string for the berimbau comes from (and how to get your own), here’s your chance.

Over at Bahia-Capoeira Blog there are a couple of new posts (one is part 1 of 3 in a series) explaining the process behind recycling old tires into beautiful music.

First they have a “quick tutorial” that gives a general overview of the process without going into the fine details. This is great if you have an idea of what to do, but just need a refresher.

How to get “arames” for your Berimbau (Quick Tutorial)

Next up is their Berimbau Arames for Dummies three-part series, that begins (unsurprisingly) with part one.

Berimbau Arames for Dummies – Part 1/3

Berimbau Arames for Dummies – Part 2/3

Berimbau Arames for Dummies – Part 3/3

Update: I just got a tip from a friend of mine who says that the most important thing about stripping tires for arames is to have a good knife. He recommends a utility knife with razor blades inside. Thanks Tarzan!

So now you know how to make your own berimbau arames. I suppose all you need to do now is go find some old tires and get to cutting!

When you have your finished arame, don’t forget How To String Your Berimbau. And just in case you need to remember how to make your berimbau really sing, go learn how to play the different rhythms.


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Cool post! Theres also a cool tutorial aout how to make your own atabaque. It was posted by a capoeirsta from New Zealand. Cool capoeiristas there!!

Axe’ Capoeira

Comment by Matt


Comment by compromisso

I’ve heard of people using bike tires as well. Of course, you don’t get as much wire. But still enough for about three berimbaus / wheel.

Or so they say. Haven’t tried it myself.

Comment by xixarro

Wow that atabaque video is awesome. That’s a lot of work and it came out great. Not sure I have enough faith in my woodworking skills (read: none) to attempt that though.

Comment by faisca

WOW. I had no clue. Thanks for all the info! I’ll have to try the atabaque with my pop. He’s got everything I’d need to try to build one.

Comment by Pipoca

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I followed this step by step and I pulled about 10 wires from the tire. Each wire makes two arames.

So now I’ve got 20 arames. I only had to buy sand paper which was about $0.50 per sheet.

I learned and saved!


Comment by Justin

Great info on berimbao… i love the capoeira items at axegraphic.

Comment by bill

Hey guys.
Colê Faisca, tudo bem?

I was working in our Bahia-Capoeira Blog and I replaced the blog from Nucleus to WordPress. So, all the links now are different.
The main link for all the tutorials is this one:

There are all the “getting arames” tutorials and also “how to string your berimbau”.

Anything you need just let me know.

Um abraço


Comment by Alvaro

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