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Become a Master Capoeira Pickup Artist With These Capoeira Pickup Lines!
January 30, 2008, 3:15 pm
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Have you ever seen a fly lookin’ capoeirista but didn’t have the foggiest idea of what to say to get them “in the roda.” Well now you have nothing to fear with Mandingueira’s tried and true* capoeira pickup lines!

By the way, these are gender neutral, so guys and girls can try them out and see what happens!

  • Are you a capoeirista? Because you just turned my world upside-down.
  • You must have lots of mandinga, because I’ve fallen under your spell!
  • That’s too bad that you lost your pandeiro, but if you want you can bang me instead.
  • If I play you hard enough in the roda, will you go volta ao mundo with me?
  • Hi, are you an angoleiro/a? That’s great, ’cause I’m regional—what say we get together and be contemporary?
  • I’m surprised you have an apelido, because to me you are indescribable!
  • You know, your abada would be cleaner if you didn’t wear it at all.
  • If I gave you rasteira would that sweep you off your feet?

Credit goes to Joaninha for these. I just had to share them with you.

*I’m not sure any of these have been field tested. Use them at your own risk. Neither The Capoeira Blog or Mandingueira will be held responsible if the only response you get is a meia lua to the face.


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Fyi Faisca (and anyone else): They haven’t (been field tested, that is)! Not by me anyhow—perish the thought! 😛 And thanks for the linkback. =D I would be curious to know the results any brave (or shameless) soul gets, however. XD

Comment by Joaninha

I ‘m 25 and not flexible,but I really want to learn capoeira.Where do you think I should start?I’m begging you to tell me.

Thanks for you help in advance.

Comment by Hamid

Well Hamid you’ve come to the right place. Check out our Capoeira For Beginners section, and also the post I wrote about how to increase flexibility. Just browse through the archives and links here and hopefull you will find something to help you.

Comment by faisca

to be honest, i would not dare to say stuff like that to a capoeirista. and maybe i would get damn angry if someone told me such lines. at least, when i don’t know this guy oder girl…

Comment by Aranha

I don’t think anyone would use these, Aranha, that’s why it’s just a bit of fun.

Comment by faisca

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LMAO I’m using ALL of these at my next class! hahahaa. These are great. A pivotal part of being a capoeirista is not taking yourself, or anyone else too seriously! 🙂

Comment by Pipoca

Haha, thanks Pipoca. =P If you actually do, we want a field report! I had fun writing them, but definitely would NEVER consider actually saying anything like that to someone. (Where’s the blush smiley?) 😛

Comment by Joaninha

Hahaha that’s a great idea..!! those are good ones! congrats !LOL

Comment by Devi Audron

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