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Why You Need A Capoeira To-Go Bag
January 31, 2008, 12:15 pm
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Do you have a capoeira “to-go” bag?

Many people have to-go bags for short trips, or for going to work in the morning, or for the gym. I happen to have a to-go bag for capoeira.

A to-go bag allows you to to take off and go at a moment’s notice. It should include all of the essentials for wherever or whatever the destination may be, so that you don’t have to spend a half hour rummaging around your house looking for stuff you need to bring. It’s a good feeling knowing that you always have your necessary stuff ready to go.

Here’s a look at what’s in my capoeira to-go bag right now (sometimes there may be more, sometimes there may be less):


  1. Capoeira: A Brazilian Art Form by Mestre Acordeon (I brought this to class one day and haven’t taken it out yet.)
  2. Ankle wrap (I used to use this every time I played, sort of like a crutch, but lately I’ve been trying to ween myself off of it. It stays in there just in case.)
  3. Capoeira CDs (You always have to be ready with the music!)
  4. Empty Fruit2O bottle (Hydration is very important, kids!)
  5. Capoeira beanie (It’s cooold where I live these days. Though, I don’t keep it in there all the time because it might start to smell…)
  6. Rock (I found this on the ground one day and thought it would make a good dobrao.)
  7. Bic pen (For writing!)
  8. Extra caxixi (This one is small, so it just hangs out in the bag.)
  9. Capoeira notebook (I’ve had this since I started the capoeira club at my college. I keep lessons, ideas, names, and all sorts of random stuff in it. It goes well with the pen.)
  10. Axe deodorant spray (This isn’t in the picture, because for some reason I forgot to lay it on the floor with the rest, and I’m too lazy to take another picture.)

So there you have it, the inner workings of Faisca’s Capoeira To-Go Bag. Usually before I leave the house I’ll throw my cell-phone, wallet, and anything else I might need for the day in there as well. But this list stays in there most of the time.

And if you were wondering what holds all of these treasures:


This is a bag that I’ve had since 2000 or so. It’s a Gap one-strap bag with two front pockets and a surprisingly large main compartment. It also has a cell-phone holder on the strap, which is convenient. This little gray darling has served me well for almost 10 years (though, it does smell something awful inside, hence why I now only use it as my capoeira bag).

If you were thinking about putting together your own capoeira to-go bag, here are some essentials I think everyone should have:

  • Water bottle (one that you can refill)
  • Pen and paper (you never know when you’ll get an idea for an awesome combination, or when you’ll get a number from a fly capoeirista)
  • Capoeira CDs (always be ready to play)
  • Braces/wraps/tape/etc. (so you don’t forget your important injury-prevention tools)
  • Deodorant (you know we get pretty smelly after training)
  • Perhaps a quick change of clothes (a shirt or two in case you really get sweaty)

Do you have anything else to add to the list? What’s in your capoeira to-go bag? Let us know in the comments.


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Nice topic! I recall I bought a bag when I started Capoeira… It was my Capoeira bag – although it did not have Capoeira written all over it. It was white and blue, stuffed with abadas, tshirt, water, wallet, cellphone and a bus pass…

My Capoeira classes were on Saturdays at the beginning. So I had Saturdays entirely for Capoeira: lazy morning, shower, manicure/pedicure, light nutricious brunch, go to the class, spend there 4 hours, spend another hour talking and saying good buy to everyone (hugs and kisses included), lazy walk home (I lived not that far from the club venue), enjoying the breeze and fresh muscle pain… in all my body… and smiling all the way home cause we used to have fun in the class!

Comment by Mariposa

Looks like you covered pretty much everything, Faisca. 😀 I’d just add one thing, for those who have long hair: hair ties! Extras in your bag will be absolute life-savers if you happen to forget them one day.
Mariposa, that’s almost exactly like Sundays for me. (“Like church”, someone once said—I’m sure we’re just as devoted!)
p.s. All of these things, plus the bag, would make a perfect capoeira gift basket for someone!

Comment by Joaninha

Cool Topic Faisca! I play in a little town in New Zealand so often theres no one to play Birmbau, so Ive got my ipod loaded with Capo tunes and an ipod dock to play at park. But other wise my bag looks like yours.

Water is hell important at Capo games. I forgot it once and had the dries from Nam.

Axe’ from a Capoeirista in NZ

Comment by Matt

lol, so where do I order the kit? hahaa. yeah, I’ve always got some water and I’ve also got my sandals in my bag if I wear shoes that day. I’ve always got some everlast wraps for my wrists too. I fractured my left wrist in a motorcycle accident and sometimes I need the support. It’s always a good idea to have a bag filled with essentials! Good topic

Comment by Pipoca

i always have some tape in my pocket. for supporting bruised fingers or sore feet 🙂 tape is very important, too

Comment by Aranha

ok…i must have been blind.

Comment by Aranha

Great topic, I have one too! Uniforms are required at my academy, so my #1 reason to have a designated bag is so I don’t forget my cord and risk my abada falling down!

Comment by Jasmim

Forgetting your cord is never a good idea =P Toss that in the bag as well (in my case, it’s hanging on my wall in an easy to see place, so I can usually grab it as I leave.”

Comment by faisca

As a professional organizer I have to say I’m impressed. Just goes to show that staying organized can help in any part of your life.

Comment by Kim

Great ideas. Extra berimbau wire is always a good thing…

Comment by Pe Grande

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