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What Capoeiristas Can Learn From Super Bowl 42
February 4, 2008, 10:34 am
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If you’re an American sports fan, you may have witnessed what was perhaps the greatest upset in football (nay, all of sports) history yesterday.  The underdog  New York Giants surprised the world and defeated the almost perfect New England Patriots 17-14.

Whether you’re filled to the brim with glee, or trapped in a pit of sullen despair, I think there are a few things that every capoeirista can learn from this latest Super Bowl.

  1. Even though you may be small, you still have the ability to topple a giant.
  2. Protection is very important; don’t drop your arms or do weak esquivas or you’ll end up getting beat up like Brady (where was his protection!?).
  3. Each game is a new one, so forget about what happened in previous rodas, and focus on the moment.
  4. No matter how good you think you are, there’s always someone out there who can land  a rasteria that knocks you right on your keister.
  5. Perfection isn’t everything; so don’t worry about always being the best, just worry about doing your best.

I could probably think of a few more, but I’m still in shock.


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This is an awesome post! I’m not even into football, and I could tell the magnitude of the upset. And yes, it NEVER pays to underestimate your opponent. A well-timed vingativa is still a well-timed vingativa, no matter who gives it!

Comment by Joaninha

lol.. good post!

Comment by Pipoca

E aí galera…
Colê Faisca…

I think the phrase “surprised the world” is “too much”…

Don’t you think ? 😉

Meu velho “Futebol”, Fútbol” or Football* it is a world sport. Play it all over the countries, with different religions and goverments.

Futebol rocks!


*When I say “football”, I mean the sport play it with the foot (or feet)… Yep, that one you call soccer.

Comment by Alvaro

Alvaro, maybe “the world” is a bit much, but that’s what it felt like to Patriots fans.

And yes, I understand the difference between Futebol and “football”. I love soccer, btw. That’s why I said “American sports fan.”

I really don’t understand why they even call the American football “football” because only one guy on each team even touches the ball with his feet.

Comment by faisca

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