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Capoeira Video: Kyokushin vs Capoeira
February 27, 2008, 1:08 pm
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The title of this post (and video) is misleading.  And that’s on purpose…

I think that people spend way too much time arguing about which martial art is better.

If you look through the comments on a capoeira video on YouTube you will see people who can do nothing but argue about how much capoeira sucks in a fight and how it’s worthless. Many times, people from other styles put down capoeiristas and ridicule us just because our style is different or because we “wouldn’t be able to win an MMA fight” (which isn’t true by the way, but I’ll save that for another post).

So it is very refreshing to come across a video like this:

This is a video from Russia (at least I think it’s Russia, the alphabet certainly looks Russian, though I don’t read or speak the language) where Kyokushin practitioners are getting a lesson from some capoeiristas.

Kyokushin kaikan is a style that combines traditional karate with elements from kickboxing and boxing, for full contact fighting (with no pads used).

The video demonstrates one of the most cliche sayings ever used, “why can’t we all just get along.” But even though the saying is corny, the meaning is important. And I think it’s great to see two styles coming together and learning from each other, instead of arguing about who is better.


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In my class we focus mainly on Regional, but we also do grappling and submission work as well. We joke around by calling it Capo-jitsu, which in essence is exactly what we are training. I’ve trained in TKD, Jui-Jitsu, MMA, Greco-roman, and some stand-up boxing. I don’t believe there is any one COMPLETE martial art, but from what I’ve experienced Capoeira is by far the most complete in my opinion. I try to spar with and learn from as many different styles and people as I can. It’s fun, educational, and always interesting.

Comment by Pipoca

You’re right Faisca, and this is a really cool video! I love the music in it too, it seems to perfectly evoke the tranquility in the two martial arts collaborating like that. Also, I’m looking forward to your MMA post 😀

Comment by Joaninha

yes, it is Russian! And the video is awsome!

Comment by Mariposa

Great find Faisca.

I am always taken back by the pundits of Asian martial arts that criticize the dance martial art, as they put it. I studied Tae Kwon Do when I was a teenager and then found Capoeira in my twenties. It was clear to me from the beginning that most people completely miss the power and subtleties of Capoeira strikes, focused and heightened by the Ginga. Strikes which can be deceptive because they may at first appear to be a defensive movement.

I wonder if Bruce Lee ever saw Capoeira in action. He died so early and just when Capoeira was coming to the United States. This would have been very interesting if he did and what he would have thought as he was so criticized by Kung Fu masters for developing his own style, borrowing as he did from other martial arts.

I too have had discussions regarding the use of Capoeira in an MMA match. I look forward to your MMA post as well.

Comment by Mike

How’s it going? I wanted to share my new Capoeira Rockstar commercial with you.

You can check it out on YouTube.


Comment by Donn Gobin

Mariposa mentioned right – it is Russian video. The man showing capoeira technics is Yan Shastitko, the leader of Moscow branch of Axe Capoeira. I train in his group there and if you ever go to Moscow don’t hesitate to visit our work-outs and rodas. )

Comment by Neuquis

I completely agree with this article. I have never actually done Capoeira, or any martial art. But I have studied a wide range, including Capoeira. Capoeira has always been my favorite… I would love to do it, but it’s so physically demanding. I hope, when I lose a few pounds I’ll be able to sign up for it. Haha. I think some people don’t understand that every martial art can have it’s advantages and disadvantages. In most videos I’ve seen Capoeira is compared to boxing, etc… they’re two different arts. I think they should be respected equally. I think Capoeira captures beauty, elegance, and power all in one. Don’t you agree?

Comment by Konny

This is not kyokushin, it is a judo class. The kanji written in their “gi” reads JU (gentle) and Do (way). And the japanese man in the big poster by the wall is jigoro kano. I took judo as my second martial art (karate being first) and judo is truly great art, which I mix with my capoeira angola, in a sense that when I am faced with larger and stronger opponents, Judo’s principle comes in and mixes with my angola. Judo gave me a good balance, (as well as skateboarding) and an understanding about being taken down (rasterias and vingativa) and how I counter them. Anyways, great site!

Comment by angoleiro catatau

Good video, Crosstraining is always good. One should never disrespect another style.


Comment by Karate Zürich

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