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The Greatest Non-Capoeira Song In The History Of The Universe
March 17, 2008, 10:39 pm
Filed under: Off Topic

I totally apologize for how ridiculously non-capoeira related this post is, but there’s no way I can hold back from sharing this with you.

I present to you, my dear friends, the greatest song in the history of the universe and everything (Though, while the song is Awesome x 1,000,000, the video is extremely terrible, and I apologize for it):

Kudos if you can name me any of the 90’s movies this song is in (don’t cheat and look at the YouTube comments).

I promise there’ll be actual capoeira stuff soon, but I just had to post this.


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ok..all i wanna say is thank you for making my day! I had the best laugh ever 🙂

Comment by Bolinha

LMAO holy shit!! thats bad!!!

Comment by compromisso

BWAHAHAHAHA! You win the internets!

Comment by Mem

AWE-SOME! LMAO Mems coment made me laugh too…win the internets…hahaaa.. I love you guys.

Comment by Pipoca

well he’s wearing white pants lol so it’s not so off hahahaha

now we know what you do the rest of the day faisca..

i had the disturbing image of you training to this music and bursting out into a dance sequence.. lol

Comment by Pirulito (D-cal)

Glad I could make your day, guys.

And yes, I’ve been known to bust out into an 80’s groove from time to time. I used to breakdance, ya know.

Comment by faisca

Hmm, the only movie I can think of is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III… Timetraveling samurai are getting jiggy wit it to that song! 😀

Comment by A Máscara

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