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An Update on Where I’ve Been and Where We’re Going
March 24, 2008, 2:08 pm
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So, it’s no secret that I haven’t been posting much at all lately.  There is a reason for that, it’s not because I’m shutting down the Capoeira Blog or I’m getting bored of posting or anything else, don’t worry.

It’s because I recently started a new job, and I just got a new apartment, so big changes are afoot in the life of this 23 year old blogger/capoeirista. 

Because I have this real life stuff to deal with, blogging really hasn’t been on the top of my list of priorities.  Getting a new place, packing, moving, etc, all while dealing with the stresses of a new job, is making my life pretty nutty right now.  Not to mention the toll that it’s taking on my capoeira time (I haven’t been going to class much at all lately).

So, this has clearly had a tangible impact here at The Capoeira Blog.  I have a bunch of half-written posts in draft state sitting around, but I just don’t have the time (or the mental capacity at this point) to get them ready to be viewed by you fine readers.  I want to deliver quality posts, not constant fluffy filler.

I’ve also been thinking about totally overhauling The Capoeira Blog. 

I really want to start self-hosting, because there is so much more that I could do with it if there were no free restrictions. 

However, this will require me to purchase my own domain name and server space, set up a blog by myself and import all of the posts and comments (that’s a scary thought; I don’t want to lose anything!), and I’ll end up losing all of my site statistics (hits, Google page rank, etc) and probably some of my readers.  It’s a pretty big, daunting undertaking.

On the awesome side though, it will allow me far greater customization of the site’s design and layout (the free templates are OK, but I want to be able to customize it to the way I really want it) , and I’ll be able to do a lot more with plug-ins and other blog tools (I might look into getting a forum, for example).

So, clearly this is a big deal, and it hasn’t been weighing lightly on my shoulders.  I’m worried about losing readers and links when I make the switch, etc. 

So, that’s what has been up, and what is coming up. I hope you all understand.  And like I said, I don’t plan on going anywhere.  I just wanted to let you know why I’ve been posting so sporadically. 

I promise that we will return to our regularly scheduled programming when my life returns normal.

P.S. I just noticed that my last 4 posts have all been a week from each other.  Kinda interesting, but it’s not ideal, which illustrates why I’m letting you know what’s up.


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Hey! Yes, it’s nice to know you haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, so thanks for the update! I think it’s safe to say that we all empathize, and you’re going through so many major changes at once that it’s totally understandable your virtual world had to take back burner to your real one for a bit. =P

You already know my thoughts about the self-hosting, so whatever you do, I’ll just say I absolutely can’t wait to see what the complete overhaul will look like!! How exciting 😀

Good luck in continuing to settle into your new job, and new apartment! And definitely hope you get back to maximum training soon. 😛

Comment by Joaninha

Good Luck with the new job, place, etc… Take it from someone with an extra 13 years of moving, work, life… It just keeps going on and on.

My latest life interruptions has been raising my son (he is almost three and already doing some Capoeira), and buying my own house (unfortunately, what I could afford was a 48 mile one way trip to my Capoeira Academy). I guess what I am saying is that I hear what you are saying and can commiserate.

Rest assured that this reader is eagerly anticipating the future of The Capoeira Blog and certainly plans on remaining a faithful reader.

Axe Camara!

Comment by Mike

Hooray for new beginnings! My life is full of them too. Lots of changes and new people. Can’t wait to have you back, though. i check the RSS every day to see what’s new…but nothing! lol Good luck and we’re looking forward to your next Capo-related post!

Comment by Pipoca

Oi Faisca,

In terms of self-hosting, I use RoutHost as my server and Joomla as my Content Management System over at the Capoeira Connection.

Yes, transferring a site is quite a pain, but it didn’t take me *too* long… I just put on some good capoeira music and spent a couple weekends doing nothing but copying, pasting, and formatting several hundred pages and articles.

The comments aspect of it does make it more challenging. However, if you google search for “migrate (or import) wordpress to joomla (or drupal – another CMS that I hear is good for community-oriented sites)”, you’ll find some options.

Ultimately, I guess it depends on what else you want to do with the site. Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like to talk web geek stuff 🙂

Comment by Shayna

Good luck with the changes bro. I think youve got a hard core fan base who will log in no matter what format you host your blog. Im one of them!

Look forward to seeing how it develops man, but I guess at the centre the reason we all continue to read your stuff is for the quality of your posts so the format changing is really only a plus.

Axe’ brutha

Comment by Matt

Faisca, everyone loves you hahaha

Comment by Urso

Thanks for the kind words, guys! It definitely helps to know that I have so much support!

Comment by faisca

Hi Faiasca
Thanks for your honesty. I hope you get all set up fine and soon. Why not use a list-building or viral program to bridge the gap of time? Sure not forever but just to get some pressure off? Keep on the good blog! Martin

Comment by Martin Bigler

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