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What Is Your Favorite Thing About Capoeira?
May 30, 2008, 3:00 pm
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Photo by elliotthoffman (flickr)

It’s Friday; here’s something to ponder for the weekend.

What is your favorite thing about capoeira?

Is it the workout? The music?

Is it the socializing? The friendships?

Is it the Brazilian food? The Brazilian women/men?

Is it the fight? The dance?

Don’t cop out and say, “I love everything about capoeira!” Yes, we know, you’re super passionate about capoeira and you love it and that is a great thing. But, there has to be something for you that rises above the rest.

If you are truly just at one with capoeira and you can’t pick something you like the best, well then you can tell us what attracted you to capoeira in the first place.

For me, it’s a tie between the strategy/psychology of the game and the athleticism/acrobatics.

What about you?

Oh, P.S., be sure to come ’round here on Monday. I have something pretty cool in store.


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It’s the physicality of it. I just love to interact with people and you learn a lot about people when you play capoeira with them.

Comment by Pipoca

The dialogue, hands down. The way two players can go from (attempted) rasteira-to-vingativa-variation-1-to-tesouro-variation-1-to-vingativa -variation-5-to-banda-to-tesouro-variation-2-to-rasteira-surprise!, all in the space of about 7 seconds. I once saw a game that included straight 5-7 minutes of pure interlocking footwork, with no kicks or acrobatics, at regional speed and rhythm, and it gave me chills.

Comment by Joaninha

the energy in the roda that comes through the combination of auditory stuff through the music and the clapping and the singing and the acrobatics and physical stuff of the game. Magical 🙂

Comment by ubermensch

Wow Joaninha! I wish you have a video of it. That sounds freakin awesome. I can’t wait to go to Brasil next year to study Capoeira and see the Mundial Muzenza!

Comment by Pipoca

The conversation between the two players. I love the way in which your game becomes the real you…your personality is expressed in the way you attack and defense yourself in the roda. Also I love the fact that anybody can do capoeira and it is up to you to pick the elements of it that fit your game…when I started to train I used to think that if you were not good at acrobatics you could not be a good capoeirsta and then I saw one of the best games I’ve ever seen and guess what? no major acrobatics involved…they played with the round kicks, straight kicks , ground movements and locks and made the best game out of it 🙂

Comment by Maracuja

O Jogo. It’s the game for me. I have always loved the martial arts, from the first time I saw it. For me Capoeira stands above all the rest, because of the Roda, and the game we play inside this world. Whether we are playful or bringing out our Malicia. The nuances of the game always bring me back.

Comment by Mike

I have to say that the socializing and friendships raise above all things in Capoeira for me. Why… well that’s pretty simple. Ask yourself “without a good community and good friendships what do we have?” Would Capoeira exist today as a source of positive energy and spiritual growth?

Comment by Jon (Compromiss)

love the the axe of the roda the music it just wakes u up an gives u this rush of energy that makes u an others wanna jus jump into the roda an jus play an continue buyin games until u cant, but i lov everything in general the socializin the dance etc

Comment by Luis Aka Dois Vinte

I have fallen head over heels (literally, heh) in love with everything about it. I think my very favourite part, though, is the community spirit.

I am nowt but a lowly beginner, and others in my class have been playing for many years and are able to play in ways that I can currently only dream of; but there is no elitism, no holier-than-thou, no talking down, nothing. Everyone teaches everyone else, everyone learns from everyone else. I’ve never known an environment where everybody involved is so supportive and so eager to see their peers succeed.

It’s really special, and it warms me all the way to the middle 🙂

Comment by Mem

The feeling I get right before I go into a roda. Like no other.

Comment by Patrick

The feeling I get right before I go into a roda. Like no other.

Comment by Patrick

The excitement of going to class everyday wondering what I’m going to learn, and coming home having learned to do something I never thought imaginable. Also the playfulness, unspoken communication withing the roda.. Eu amo capoeira!

Comment by Mariah

It’s all about balance. Capoeira achieves a middle ground in all aspects of my interests.

It makes me strong, but strong in the ways I want to move. I don’t develop massive muscles that detract from my range of motion or endurance like pure weightlifting does. I don’t reduce myself to skin and bones the way pure cardiovascular exercise does. Nor am I left flexible yet fragile from yoga. It is a blend of these three activities that is perfect for me.

It just so happens this results in some of the most attractive people I’ve seen. The competitive nature lets me respect and interact with them in a very real sense.

The Roda is a place of play for myself. The roughhousing of youth, like when you see puppies romping on each other and the smile you feel from watching them is pure and robust. It’s like a dance but with two equals; no leaders or follows.

Sure I could use these skills to really fight and really hurt someone, but that is not my intention. If I wanted to do that I would have joined the military.

For myself, Capoeira represents what people are talking about when they mention living life to the fullest. It’s not the end all and there are other things important to life, but it meets in the middle ground of so many different passions, that it becomes something all it’s own.

Comment by Robin

I love the way, especially freestyle in the roda. I feel like i’m giving it my all; like just BURSTING with energy and at the same time, i don’t feel the hate, spite and competition i get from kickboxing.
That feeling like you-have-to-bring-the-other-guy-down-to-get-ahead.

It’s fantastic when you feel like you’re bringing EVERYTHING you got on the table…out of love and respect for the other player

Comment by Fouda

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