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The Capoeira Blog is dedicated to promoting the Brazilian art of capoeira.

It is a resource for people to learn more about capoeira, as well as a community for people to share their own experiences. The goal is help people explore the fascinating world of capoeira; from the movements and music to the culture and history, and everything in between.

The Capoeira Blog has something for everyone: from the true capoeira novice who has only seen a few moves on TV, to the capoeirista who is just beginning his journey, and to those capoeiristas who have much experience under their cord.

A note about this blog’s focus: I play capoeira regional, not angola. Because of this, what I write might seem a bit regional centric, but that’s only because I don’t know enough about angola to speak with any kind of athourity on the style.

Who is Faisca?


I’m a twenty something capoeirista from Massachusetts.

My capoeira journey began when I saw Only The Strong. As soon as I watched the movie I was hooked. I learned everything I could about capoeira, but for a while there were no groups near me. So I taught myself. I copied Eddy Gordo’s moves, I practiced moves from Capoeira Corner, and I “learned” from Mestre Amen through the old Panther Production videos.  In 2000, I joined CapuraGinga and started training under Mestre Loka.

In 2002, in an effort to practice more and spread my love of capoeira, I formed the capoeira club at Assumption College. During my four years of college I ran the club and taught its members. I graduated in 2006 and I continue to teach the club to this day.

In my non-capoeira time I work as a technical writer, I try to write and draw as often as I can, I read as much as I can about everything, I collect swords, hang out with friends, obsess over superheroes, and do a lot of other random things. I hope to someday become a published author.

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