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“Capoeira é para homem, menino e mulher, só não aprende quem não quer.”

“Capoeira is for men, women and children; the only ones who don’t learn it are those who don’t wish to.”

– Mestre Pastinha

Welcome to my beginner’s guide to capoeira.

This guide is not the “end-all, be-all” of capoeira information. There is a ton of information about capoeira if you know where to look for it. I’m just trying to start you off in the right direction.

Capoeira For Beginners Series

Why Should You Choose Capoeira?
5 Ways To Learn About Capoeira
Finding a Capoeira Group Near You
Basic Capoeira Vocabulary
Your First Capoeira Class Do’s and Don’ts

Intro to Capoeira Music Series

The Basics
The Berimbau
The Atabaque, Pandeiro, and Supporting Instruments

I am by no means an expert on all things capoeira, so I encourage everyone to participate in this process by leaving comments or sending me emails. If you think that you can cover something I haven’t talked about, or expand upon something I already have, please let me know. There is always room for improvement and expansion.

Capoeira is a community, and because of that, I hope that we can all benefit from this guide.

If you find these posts helpful and enjoy what you read here, you can stay in touch with The Capoeira Blog updates by subscribing to our RSS feed or by signing up to receive automatic e-mail updates.


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I am poring over this site as I am really anxious to learn more after my first class. My family is taking it together, which is the best thing about it. But I am striving to do my best and this site is quite informative. Thank you very much.

Comment by Leigh Royals

Leigh and family, welcome to the capoeira family! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email or ask here on the capoeira blog! Good luck!

Comment by faisca

I really want to learn capoiera because It is a big tradition for me to learn. And is very important to me.

Comment by brittany

Well Brittany I hope you can find some help here to get started! Good luck!

Comment by faisca

I am so happy that I found this website. I have been working out with a trainer who is dedicated and proficient at Capoeira. He has introduced it to a group of people and I am hooked and trying to learn as much as I can. Your blog has answered many questions. Now I just need to make the big trek to a Capoeira school. Thank you for the terms and movements pages, my brain seems to be a jumble sometimes 🙂 You did a great job!

Comment by Kim

I want desperately to take Capoiera lessons.

My home is in Stockton California but I live & work in the San Jose/san Francisco area during the week.
My 12 yeqr old daughter , who lives in Stockton also wants to learn Capoiera.
Any suggestions would be helpful.

Comment by Carlo

Kim, thanks for the kind words! Glad I could help.

Carlo, I don’t personally know if there are any groups in your area, but your best bet would just be to search on Google. You could also check out which has a very large list of schools (and it looks like there are a ton in Calinfornia).

Comment by faisca

Correcting: “Capoeira é para homem, menino e mulher, só não aprende quem não quer.”

Comment by Guilherme Veras - Maskara (Mask)

Thank you very much for the correction, Maskara! Helpful for a guy like me who doesn’t speak Portuguese that well (if at all).

Comment by faisca

Would you reccommend capoeira for someone who either has a low or high blood pressure, or has an irregular heartbeat? Just curious.

Comment by Jayne

I’m honestly in no position to answer the question if capoeira is right for someone with high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. That’s something that you need to talk to your doctor about. Capoeira is a very aerobic, high impact, athletic activity, so if your doctor recommends that you can play sports or do other martial arts, than you should be all right. But honestly, if you’re worried, you need to talk to your doctor.

Comment by faisca


Can you let me know where I can find the Capofit DVD for purchase? I looked on & couldn’t find it. I’m a beginning Capoeirista & I had a chance both read your posts & check out the dvd’s on Youtube & I agree with you this one is pretty good. I think that as a beginner this dvd you be very beneficial as I’m financially only able to attend classes once a week. This dvd would be good for me as an at home practice guide. Also, does this dvd include examples of floor work/ground movements as well as examples some of the acrobatics like cartwheels & aerials, etc.? Thanks, I look forward to hearing back from you.

Comment by Jolivia



I’m checking out the blog, dude and man: This is some fresh cheese here (I’m talking Jarlsberg). Keep it up and I might see you this summer.

Behold the Power of Cheese

Comment by WorldWarCheese

Wow..This website is like really awesome!!
I’m a beginner at this and reading all the info on this site helps alot with what i’m doing..Thanks alot!

Comment by Aris

i want to take capoeira but i cant afford it! what can i do?

Comment by Tucker

Aye faisca Ive only been to 3 classes and my biggest problem seems too come from the left side of my body its kinda difficult to exacute manuvers and movements like martelos and armadas on the left side…. kinda bothersome ya know any ideas on how i can improve?

Comment by Damar

I apologize for not getting back to those of you who have asked questions here. I really do appreciate all the comments, questions, and activity. Unfortunately, The Capoeira Blog has taken a bit of a lower priority for a while so I haven’t been able to respond as quickly as I’d like.

Here are a few quick responses:

@Tucker – If you can’t afford capoeira, I’d say your best bet is to try to find some other people around you who also want to do capoeira. It’s better to learn capoeira with a group than by yourself. Then I’d try to check out some colleges in your area, see if you can find a club and instructor who would be willing to give you some free lessons. You can try to teach yourself the moves, history, music, etc by using the internet, but you should really do your best to learn from a qualified capoeirista. You’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you only rely on the internet.

@Damar – The only thing I can tell you about improving a bad side is to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE on that side! Everyone has a tough time being an ambidextrous capoeirista, but it is possible. It just takes time and effort.

Comment by faisca

I’m so happy that I found this blog.. I became a fan of capoeira after watching “Only the strong” but i could not find any group but now I am living in İstanbul /TURKEY and here I found many groups and courses.. now the problem is tahat.. I can not trust myself.. I think I’m afraid of failing.. I really like it but I don’t have any courage cause it looks really hard.. what’s more, generally boys are doing capoeira in here, I don’t understand, I think generally Turkish girls are like me, afraid 🙂 .. I want to be a capoeirista, I really want it..

Comment by hanife

if you want to be a Capoeirista then do it, why should fear of falling keep you from experiencing something? if you dont risk living you will never live. understand that although Capoeira is extremely physical and possibly dangerous no one expects you to do backflips at the first lesson, start slow and easy and build up you can do it. if you have any questions let me know

Comment by eanshea

if you dont trust yourself why do something at all? dont be afraid of falling it’s gonna happen weather your riding a bike or playing Capoeira. we dont expect you to start day one with backflips and acrobatics, start slow and we will teach you Capoeira. just have faith and try no one begins as an expert and we all start somewhere but always remember “Capoeira is for men, women and children; the only ones who don’t learn it are those who don’t wish to.”

– Mestre Pastinha
if you have any questions let me know cheers

Comment by Sean

I’m glad I’ve found this blog, because I have a few questions about this martial-art first of I have the same problem as some people do in this blog saying that there are no schools or group around there area (I too live around Stockton) a question of mine would be how can I take these classes or how can I get my city to get a school of Capoeira (if possible) so would you please reply to me on that (if this website is still active, it seems the latest post were about 2 years ago)

Comment by Jose

hello jose i think u live california there is one by eagle rock.. if u have a facebook.

i am a capoeirista

Comment by Esau cordero

Capoeira is an amazing sport and remember its not a dance, also for those of you beginning please try to be humble about it because you always see the jerk who thinks that after 5 weeks of capoeira he is Mestre Bimba and he is better than everyone when in reality hes making a fool of not only himself but everyone for being that arrogant- cheers

Comment by eanshea

I just started capoeira a few weeks ago (I just had my 3rd lesson last night) I don’t know if it’s something to do with age (I’m 35) or if it’s just me but I seemed to be a bit of a slow learner with the moves and eveything just comes out slow and wobbly…I hope I am not too old for this. Everyone in my class seems younger and can catch up fine…I don’t plan on stopping but just a bit embaresed of my slow reaction…

Comment by Amy

i juz new tot his capoeira .. i thought it was easy .. but when i learn and do it .. it was hard >< , but nvm … although its hard , i tried to never give up 😀

Comment by Capoeira Noobie :D

I’m Jade. I’m interested ‘n really want to
learn capoeira but i don’t know much about it can anybody help me?

Comment by Jade

I am new to capoeira ( haven’t taken a class yet because i cant find any place in my area that teacbes it) but i rreally want to learn everything i can about it not only to get and keep myself in shape but because I’m interested on mma and every since takken ( Eddie g.) I’ve love d this syle of martial arts. I love this site…….anyone who can teach me about it please email and thank you in advance

Comment by cedric rayford

I also forgotten to mention that i kive in Kansas city

Comment by cedric rayford

am post graduation student
i live at a remot location in kerala , india . I am very much intrested in learning capoeira. I am not sure as on capoeira being taught in kerala . I hav been check the net and there were vedio instruction for learning capoeira .are these a gud source for learning

Comment by sachin chacko

am post graduation student
i live at a remot location in kerala , india . I am very much intrested in learning capoeira. I came to know abt capoeira frm some movies i happend to see (tomyangoon, tekken, undisputed3, never backdown.,…)I am not sure as on capoeira being taught in kerala . I hav been check the net and there were vedio instruction for learning capoeira .are these a gud source for learning

Comment by sachin chacko

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