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Update on the Martial Arts: Capoeira Video Game
April 16, 2008, 1:23 pm
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Remember the new capoeira video game I mentioned a while ago?  Well apparently it hasn’t died an untimely death (yet) and things seem to be progressing admirably.

It seems they are using motion capture with actual capoeiristas to generate the animation, which is a good thing.

The group they are working with is Grupo de Capoeira SOLUNA in Rome.  Their site is in Italian, which I can’t read, but I figured I’d give you the link anyway.  Even if I can’t read anything, it sure looks really cool!

The game actually seems promising, but we’ll see when it’s finally released (though, not sure if I’ll get a chance to have a go at it, because I don’t own a Wii, DS or a PSP, my PS2 is broken and I don’t care to fix it or replace it, and I hate playing fighters on the PC).

As always, I will keep you updated with any of the latest stories and news on this upcoming capoeira video game.


Hellboy 2 To Feature Capoeira
January 18, 2008, 11:59 am
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I’m not sure how many of you are comic book movie fans, but if you were planning on seeing Hellboy 2: The Golden Army when it comes out later this year, you’ll be in for a treat.

Doug Jones, who plays Abe Sapien (that’s him in the picture above), said in an interview that his character will use a martial art style that is based on capoeira.

No sword, but you’ll also see him with no weapon in his hands doing a certain fighting style that Guillermo called ‘the way of the water’ and would be most reminiscent of Capeoira, that Brazilian dancing fighting style that everyone seems at least somewhat familiar with. They found an internationally ranked Capeoira fighter and instructor to double me for those scenes. I’m not one of those actors that insists that I do all of my own stunts, because I don’t want you to have an illusion that’s not true. This fellow did things I would never be able to do.

The first time I saw the trailer I noticed Abe Sapien’s capoeira movements right away (actually there’s only one in the trailer, but it’s clearly capoeira) and I got pretty excited. I don’t know about you guys, but I love to see capoeira pop up in unexpected places. It makes me all giddy, like, “Hey! That’s my stuff right there! I do that!” I wonder if other martial artists feel the same way about their styles…

Here’s the trailer in case you have no idea what or who Hellboy is. Oh, and be sure to pay attention around 1:54.

I was planning on seeing Hellboy 2 anyway, so this just makes it even cooler.

A New Capoeira Video Game Is On The Horizon
December 5, 2007, 10:53 am
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And I’m not sure if it’s gonna be a great addition to the list

This is a description of the game according to a press release from Twelve Interactive:

Martial Arts: Capoeira is the most exciting and original fighting game ever created! Sport and RPG elements have been combined with traditional fighting game mechanics for the very first time, to offer unrivalled realism and challenging brutal gameplay. Train until you sweat blood to increase skills such as endurance, speed, leg and arm strength. Then when you think you’re ready, take part in underground street fights for cold, hard cash. Become one with your gamepad or Wiimote and strive to earn the right to call yourself the most powerful Capoeira fighter in the World!

So, from reading this description it’s unclear how true to actual capoeira this game will be, but I don’t think I’ll get my hopes up. Granted, we don’t have much more than a short press release and a few pictures.

Click to make bigger.

Hey, at least the pictures show them doing the ginga.

Train until you sweat blood? Bet against other fighters in outlawed Street Fights or ‘Rodas’? KO your opponent with killer attacks?

I sent an email to a PR rep for more information, so I’ll be sure to give an update if she answers my questions.

I guess we’ll find out what it’s all about in a year or so (if this game is actually widely distributed).

Do you have any thoughts?

Playing Capoeira In The Video Game Age
November 28, 2007, 10:12 am
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Have you ever explained capoeira to someone only to have them say, “Oh, that Eddy Gordo stuff!”? I know I have.

Capoeira has a long history in video games, but it’s certainly been a pretty bumpy ride at times.

Some of capoeira’s appearances are more well known than others, so I’ve decided to compile a list of the games that I’m aware of (I’ve either seen them with my own eyes or been able to find videos). If you know of any that I’ve missed, please let me know.

We’ll start with the “mestre” of all video game capoeiristas…

Tekken (Eddie Gordo, Christie Monteiro)

Eddy Gordo (and all other capoeira characters in the Tekken series) was motion captured by mestre Marcelo Caveirinha of Capoeira Mandinga.

Eddy is by far the most accurate representation that capoeira has ever had in a video game, even though he still leaves something to be desired. Some of his movements are clearly breakdancing and gymnastics moves, and he always does his handstands facing away from his opponent (a big no-no in capoeira).

You’ll find more after the break.

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Capoeira on Human Weapon
August 31, 2007, 10:35 am
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If you haven’t heard of or watched Human Weapon, here’s a description,

HUMAN WEAPON follows Jason Chambers, America’s own fighting Welterweight Champion & Bill Duff, former Pro Football Player & Wrestler, as they train with international hand-to-hand combat masters and learn the history behind the world’s most fascinating forms of combat…

Their thrill-seeking quest takes hosts Jason and Bill to some extreme and exotic places. Each episode of HUMAN WEAPON charts an expedition through foreign continents, famous cities, exotic villages, back alleys and lush landscapes in their quest for a different type of combat. After learning about the history and culture, and training in it themselves, they will see if they have learned enough to take on one of the professional fighting masters in the discipline – and survive.

Yeah. That’s what it is. Pretty cool concept for a show, though I haven’t seen it yet so I actually don’t know how good it really is.

Why should you care? Because on September 14th the show is going to feature our beloved capoeira. I’m definitely going to tune in, and I have my fingers crossed that they give a good representation. Apparently there is usually a fight at the end of each episode, to show how much they have learned, and I wonder if they’re going to play a game. I hope so.

Human Weapon is on Fridays at 10pm/9c on the History Channel.

Capoeira in the Media: Your Opinion
August 24, 2007, 10:19 am
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My first introduction to capoeira was Only the Strong, which wasn’t a great movie, but it showcased this cool, different martial arts style. After that came Tekken 3 and Eddy Gordo, who was (and still is) the most faithful representation of capoeira in a video game (except for the breakdancing and gymnastics moves, of course). I had never seen capoeira before, and it’s because of these two media representations that capoeira is such a big part of my life now.

Capoeira is everywhere these days. It can be seen in commercials for women’s products and cell phones, as well as the style of choice for villains and theives in movies.

Some people say that exposure like this is good for capoeira because it will draw people in. This is what happened to me, and probably many others; we see capoeira in a movie and decide to do more research into it. But others say that it will lead to a watered down style with no music or history, because anything less than a true representation of capoeira (with the roda, berimbau, game, etc) is going to give people the wrong impression and will hurt capoeira in the end.

What do you think?