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Hi i am linking to your blog on my capoeira site homepage, and would ask if you could link to my group site Cordão de Ouro London
axé Elin ( baiana) site administrator for CDOL

Comment by Elin Ritter


I really have more of a request. I have been training now for 5 months. I can do the au and some of it’s variations and all the basic attack moves. my question is regarding the all famous-> “macaco”. i try to practice as regularly as possible…but i can’t pull this move of. no matter how hard i try, i end up going sideways instead of straight back. despite looking at many vids..i have no answer. is it because i am not naturally flexible(i do backbends only with a wall behind me).


Comment by Venkat

Venkat, check your email.

Comment by faisca

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