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If you’re new to The Capoeira Blog, you may have missed some of the best posts from the archives.

I’ve decided to compile a list (it will always be growing) of the top posts based on hit count, discussion, and what I think should get the most attention.


How To Get Better At Capoeira

Building Strength, Flexibility, and Balance For Capoeira

Capoeira For Beginners

How To Do An Au Batido

Common Capoeira Injury: How To Treat An Ankle Sprain

6 Keys To Building Upper-Body Strength

The 5 Best Strength Training Exercises For Over The Holidays (And Anytime!)

8 Ways To Be A Better Capoeira Instructor


How Much Do You Train?

2 Great Resources For Capoeira Moves

How To String Your Berimbau

Capoeira Is A Conversation

Why Is Capoeira an Art Form And Not a Martial Art?

Is Capoeira Viable as Self Defense?

The Ways We Describe Capoeira

Playing Capoeira In The Video Game Age

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