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Welcome to The Capoeira Blog

The Capoeira Blog is dedicated to promoting the Brazilian art of capoeira.

This is a resource for people to learn more about capoeira, as well as a community for people to share their own experiences. The goal is help people explore the fascinating world of capoeira; from the movements and music to the culture and history, and everything in between.

The Capoeira Blog has something for everyone: from the true capoeira novice who has only seen a few moves on TV, to the capoeirista who is just beginning his journey, and to those capoeiristas who already have much experience under their cord.

So what are you waiting for?  The following links are here to provide you with a little direction while visiting The Capoeira Blog.  They’re links to various posts I’ve written, questions I’ve asked, videos I’ve shared, etc.  I haven’t listed every post here, but just the ones I think are most important.  To see even more, take a look through the Archives.

Capoeira Basics

Why Should You Choose Capoeira?
5 Ways to Learn About Capoeira
How To Find a Capoeira Group Near You
Basic Capoeira Vocabulary
Your First Capoeira Class Dos and Don’ts

Capoeira Music

The Basics
The Berimbau
The Atabaque, Pandeiro, and Supporting Instruments
You Don’t Need To Win American Idol To Sing In Capoeira
Make Your Own Berimbau Arame
How To String Your Berimbau


How To Get Better At Capoeira
8 Ways To Be a Better Capoeira Instructor

12 Essential Tips For Playing Capoeira Well
6 Keys To Building Upper Body Strength
The 5 Best Strength Training Exercises For Over the Holidays (and anytime!)
How To Treat an Ankle Sprain
2 Great Resources For Capoeira Movements
Building Flexibility, Strength, and Balance For Capoeira
How To Do an Au Batido

Capoeira Life

The 8 Principles of a Great Capoeirista
The Ways We Describe Capoeira
The Capoeirista’s Identity
15 Reasons Why You Are Obsessed With Capoeira
Capoeira is a Conversation
The Three Levels of the Jogo
Why is Capoeira an Art Form and Not a Martial Art?
Is Capoeira Viable as Self Defense?
Playing Capoeira in the Video Game Age
Buy Some Capoeira Books


Instead of listing all 33 videos I’ve shared on The Capoeira Blog, I’m just going to link you to the Videos category.  Enjoy!

Questions and Discussion

These are questions I’ve posed to readers of The Capoeira Blog.  Feel free to comment on the posts and keep the discussion going!

What is Your Favorite Thing About Capoeira?
Can There Be Too Much of a Good Thing With Capoeira?
Do You Go To The Gym?
Shoes or No Shoes?
How Do You Feel About “Cardio Capoeira” Videos?
Visiting Another Capoeira Group?
How Much Do You Train?
What Do You Think About Demonstrations?
How Far Do You Go For Capoeira?
What Do You Think About Capoeira in the Media?
What’s Your Favorite Way to Enter the Roda?
How Important is Rank/Cord?

A Note To My Readers

Due to certain circumstances—mainly that I’m on a capoeira hiatus—I’ve decided to turn the front page of The Capoeira Blog into a launch page for all the content I have to offer.  Instead of arriving here to find a random post about music written months ago, you are given direction and a sense of stability.  This is to make it easier for newcomers to find their way around, and also so old friends aren’t left in the dark about the blog’s direction.

This will hopefully only be temporary.  I do plan on returning to capoeira in the spring.  But for now, I don’t feel that I can speak with any authority or credibility about capoeira if I’m not actively involved in capoeira.

The Capoeira Blog still receives a steady stream of visitors, and I am so grateful for that.  This blog would have no popularity were it not for all of you.

So until next time, muito axe!

– Faisca

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hey man 🙂

nice to see again some signs of life from you!
i hope you soon will return to capoeira an writing about it!


Comment by Aranha

Oh, no! You’re on a hiatus from capoeira?? Just thought you had gotten too tied up with work or something to write. =\ I do like the launch page though, and it’s a great idea, really pulls together well all the work you’ve done. Hope everything’s going well in general, and that you’ll get to return soon!

Comment by Joaninha

nice blog..

we love capoeira, just like u

Comment by cah Solo

interested in learning capoiera but i am leaving in another country so i dont know how to do to learn this wounderful manifestation of mankind so i dont knoiw how to do. pls help me really interested to learn thank you.
an interested student

Comment by ndifor carlson

I’m just a beginner in the art of capoeira. i relly love this art.
I wanna learn more.
pls post some video or links of sites containing capoeira lessons. tnx’

Comment by leandro

Eis ali o nosso grande mestre Manoel dos Reis Machado o Grande Mestre Bimba

Comment by Acauã

Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

Comment by Acauã

Ô menino com quem tu aprendeu?
Ô menino com quem tu aprendeu?
Apredeu a jogar CAPOEIRA apredeu
Quem me ensinou já morreu,
Quem me encinou já morreu
O seu nome está guardado na terra onde ele nasceu
Salve mestre Bimba, salve a Ilha de maré,
Salve o mestre que me encinou a mandinga de bater com pé

Acauã Direto do Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Axé a todos

Comment by Acauã

The music is up to Mestre Bimba
Me add ai (

Comment by Acauã

uhmm may i ask who filipino celebrities are capoeira enthusiast? if youre sure with your answer please mail me at

Comment by jc

very nice, all the best capoeira.

tatu, Capoeira Luanda, new york city

Comment by tatu

Very cool site!!

I add it on!

Epá babá!

Comment by Cássio Oliveira

i am from France playing Capoeira for 6 years, and I jus wanted to tell that i love this website.
I you come in France, feel fre to visit us, all informations on my group Capoeira Luanda website
in french:
merci pour ce superbe site, cela fait 6 ans que je pratique la Capoeira et que je m’y réfère. Si vous passez en France n’hésitez pas a passer nous voir Capoeira a Paris.

Comment by Pescador

links dont work 😦 from tutorials and capoeira life topics

Comment by Oceanica

links to tips tutorials and capoeira life topics dont work 😦

Comment by Oceanica

@Oceanica – Thank you so much for pointing out that the links don’t work. I’ve fixed them.

Comment by faisca

nice blog! greeting from an italiancapoeira.

Comment by voodoo

hi just visit….i’m capoeirista too….^_^

Comment by crazydreamer

hi i’d like to join a capoeira club so much, because my basic hobby is dancing and i’ve heard that capoeira is brazilian martial arts which mixed by dance, isn’t it?
thanks for your all info.

Comment by febyfattah

I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

Comment by Zack

hey! just dropping by as well. thanks for visiting my blog by the way. I am still an neophyte for this capoeira but I am loving it! Great articles, now I know how those moves are spelled. LOL.

thanks again^_^

Comment by Kristine C.

This is a great resource. Thanks! Have you read Bira Almeida’s book on capoeira? I reviewed it on my site:

Enjoy, and thanks!

Comment by Palaverer

I just started a capoeira blog. I train at a new school in Washington, DC. The articles here are a really great resource. I like how organized them all on the front page. I hope you start posting new content again soon.

Comment by dccapoiera – chk this version of Quem vem La : )

Comment by Concussao – chk this version of Quem Vem La : – )

Comment by Concussao

Great resources here, thanks a lot! I’m trying to get a Capoeira group together in Exeter, NH if anyone is interested.

Comment by Martial Arts Lineage

You need to bring back this blog. I like what you had on it before.

I just opened up a new Capoeira Center in Seattle. I hope you come and visit the Capoeira in Seattle. Peace Bro and start posting again soon.

Professor Manganga

Comment by Mangangá Angola

hi, I will be starting capoeira lessons soon, and i have no experience what so ever. My friend told me you have to have the flexability of balleria, the strength of a football player, and the tricks like someone from the circus. I don’t have any of these skills so can someone tell me what i need to do, to get myself ready before i take my first class

Comment by mimi

very valuable capoeira ressources, do you find time to update your blog ? Seems that you are very busy but anyway it is a very nice blog

Comment by capoeira pants

pow tudo em ingles

Comment by mayra

i like capoeira………..

Comment by Afiz Hafizi Capoeira

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